Multimedia Club

Film, video and other digital media are powerful tools for students to express their feelings and view about the world. At the multimedia club students learns the tools needed to create their own stories. They learn how to write stores, handle cameras and how to edit video using computer software. During the summer camp, our student members made fun news videos, an animated song and a documentary.

This was a collaboration between Anglo Arabic Model School and American Indian Foundation, Adobe Youth Voices that took place in August 2012. The American Indian Foundation started a multimedia program with our school and they provided us equipment and students created the following videos:

School Bunking (Duration:- 4:57 min)
Mahangai (Duration:- 3:58 min)
Save Water and Save Life
3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
3 Comics.

The videos were screened at the Adobe Youth Voices Live! Delhi in FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi.

CineArt ‘Aqua’ extended an invitation to us to be a part of the CineArt ‘Aqua’ campaign on the critical issue of water conservation. This was a first of its kind campaign that reached out to over 50 schools in New Delhi and educated students on the theme using creative mediums like films, puppet performances and interactive sessions with eminent experts. That 8 month long program trained short listed children on making their own original ‘Water’ films and publication with eminent film makers. These children’s products was launched at a Grand Finale at PVR Cinema.

10 of our student members along with the Venkateshwar International School created a rap song video under the supervision of Ms. Ishani K. Dutta, director of Carrot Films and our teacher Mr. Tarun Pal Singh.