Dance & Drama Club

Drama Club started in July 2008. It is a very enjoyable club in which students become dynamic and active. The motive behind it is to provide an opportunity for students interested in theatre to participate in all the aspects of play production. The purpose of this group is to educate the student in both music and dramatics. Student will have exposure to acting, staging, scenery, costuming, makeup and the organization and operation of producing a dramatic event. It depicts the reality of life and develops all round personality of the child. The hidden talent comes out making the child face the challenges of the world. The following programmes were organized by the students of drama club on different occasions:

1. Republic Day : A play titled "Chander Shekhar Azad" depicting his life by the students of class VIII.
2. Independence Day: dramatization of the songs ‘Choro Kal Ki Batain’.
3. Children’s Day : Play ‘ School going kids’.